Don’t think that just because it’s dreary and cold outside, your photography needs to take a break! Autumn and winter landscapes are the perfect place for kids learning photography to get better at taking photos. 

Any online photography course for kids needs to have photography practice in the real world! So even if it’s cold outside, kids learning photography should grab the camera, bundle up warmly, and go explore the fall foliage or winter wonderland outside for photo opportunities. Here’s what you need to know! 

Landscape Photo Settings 

You might see a small icon on your camera that looks like a little mountain. This is the “landscape” setting! Turn the dial to this setting, and it should be just fine to get great lighting and focus in your photos. You can use manual settings, but for now, your camera’s landscape setting will be just fine.

Autumn & Winter Tips for Kids Learning Photography 

Are you ready to start taking amazing autumn and winter landscape photos? All kids learning photography should remember these tips! Remember, even if you learn them in an online photography course, you have to get outdoors and practice. 

Follow the Rule of Thirds 

You can set your camera to show you a grid on your screen, with four lines. This creates 9 small sections or blocks on your screen, which will help you use the Rule of Thirds to take better pictures! 

Try to put things like trees, the sunset, or other objects on the lines or on the point where the lines cross each other. It’s an easy way to create a picture that looks amazing—you don’t have to put the subject right in the middle of the photo! 

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Find Natural Frames 

Nature is amazing! See if you can find ways to create a frame on your picture. Branches, cave openings, rocks, and more can make a lovely frame for the background landscape. It makes the picture more interesting and exciting! 

You can even use windows! They’re not natural (from nature), but if there’s a beautiful landscape outside the window, it could be a really nice way to frame it.

Use Layers 

Your picture will be even more amazing if you use different layers to add detail and more interest. Look at the pictures below—you can see some things that are closer to the camera, and some things further away. 
This makes you realize how far away the mountains are! Using layers like this can make your picture feel more real and when someone looks at it, it feels like they’re almost right in it.

Capture Autumn/Winter Colors 

Reds, yellows, oranges, and browns are the colors of autumn! Try to take pictures that show these colors in your landscapes. If you’re taking pictures in winter, you’ll notice that the colors are more white and blue. 
The colors bring the true feeling of the season! Remember, it’s not only about what people see in your picture—it’s also about what they feel in your picture.

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Choose the Right Light 

In winter and autumn, you should try to take pictures during the “golden hour”. This is the first hour just after the sun rises, or just before the sun sets. These times have amazing light! 

It will make the warm colors of autumn even more beautiful. If there’s snow outside, taking pictures in the middle of the day can leave shadows that look too dark, so try to take pictures just after sunrise or just before sunset.

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kids learning photography

Photographers to Follow for Kids Learning Photography 

Kids learning photography should find photographers they like and try to copy their pictures! This is one of the best ways to improve your creativity and get better at taking photos. 

Here are some photographers we really like. 

Follow them, pick your favorite pictures, and try to recreate them! Or, you can Google pictures of landscapes to copy, or see if you can find creative ideas on the internet or in books or magazines. 

There’s nothing wrong with copying other photographers’ work in the beginning as you get better at taking amazing pictures. Your own creativity will get better as you go! 

Ready to Do an Online Photography Course? 

All kids learning photography should do an online photography course! You can learn as fast or as slow as you want, and come back to read through the information any time when you need to remember something. 
We would love you to join one of our photography courses! They’re all about having fun and learning about your camera, and you might also meet some new friends online that you can talk about photography with and share photos!

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