Most photography lessons for kids don’t teach you abstract photography! Some people think it’s complicated, but it’s actually just an amazing way of creating art with your photographs. 

If you look at an abstract photo, you won’t understand what it is right away. It looks like something strange or not real! You need to look hard and think about it before you might see the real object. If you want to learn how to take interesting, mysterious pictures, then keep reading! 

Abstract Photography Camera Settings 

A lot of photography courses for kids just use automatic settings. But we want you to learn more of what your camera can do, so we recommend using the “macro” or close-up setting

This will allow you to get really close, so you can see patterns and abstract details that look more like art! The key to abstract photography is not being able to tell immediately what the picture is of! 

Why Abstract Photography Is So Fun 

Abstract photography is an unusual type of photography. Most photography lessons for kids won’t teach it, but we like to have fun! We love abstract photography because it’s like a guessing game

When you take an abstract picture of something, you know what it is. But if you show that picture to your mom or your friend, they’ll have to guess what it is! 

You can take pictures of any pretty patterns you like with abstract photography. So you can find things to take photos of anywhere! Keep your camera with you no matter where you are so you’re always ready. 

How to Take Amazing Abstract Pictures 

Here are some top abstract photography secrets that photography lessons for kids don’t usually teach! Practice these and you’ll quickly become an amazing abstract photographer

Find Photo Subjects Everywhere 

The best thing about abstract pictures is that you can find them anywhere. Indoors, outdoors, at home, a school, on holiday, even if you’re just out for a walk

Nature is full of abstract images, so most photography courses for kids will tell you to go search outdoors. But look at the picture below… You can find amazing pictures right in your own bedroom if you look closely! 

Always keep your eyes open and your camera ready. There’s an abstract picture hiding almost everywhere! Which brings us to the next secret tip… 

photography lessons for kids - fabric folded

Get Really Close 

The key to good abstract photos is to get really close. Try to fill the whole picture with the thing you’re snapping, so that other people have to guess what it is when they look at it! 

If your camera has a good zoom, you can use it to zoom right in. If you aren’t sure how to use the zoom properly, you can become a zoom master by joining one of our photography courses for kids

Otherwise, you will just have to walk closer or move your camera closer using your hands. You want to try and get as close as you can without getting too blurry. 

photography courses for kids - asphalt with water droplets

Keep The Picture Sharp 

Use the green or red square on your camera to keep the picture sharp! You don’t have to keep the whole image in focus—but make sure at least one part of it is, like in the picture above. 

A little bit of blur can make it more mysterious. But too much blur will make it look like you don’t know how to focus! So be careful and always try to have part of the picture nice and sharp

You can use the automatic focus on your camera. Take your time when you’re taking a picture so you can get the focus right—you might even be able to get the same picture a few times with different focus! 

photography courses for kids - abstract wooden pargue patterns

Look At Things Differently 

Abstract photography is fun because you can look at things differently! Our photography lessons for kids will help you get creative, but this is easy to practice any time, as long as you’re careful. 

Try lying on the floor, climbing on a stepladder (with mom or dad’s help!), or crawling underneath your desk. Who knows what abstract things you may find to take pictures of! 

When you take pictures of things from a different angle, it can change how they look. Remember, you want people to wonder what the picture is! So try taking photos from new places to make normal things look exciting and different. 

Red rock crevasse formations -

Look At Shape and Patterns 

Shapes and patterns are important in abstract photography. They look like art! When you look very closely at something, you can see shapes and patterns that you didn’t see before

Try to find patterns in the texture of wooden things in your house. Even clothes have an interesting pattern in the material when you look close! You can also look at countertops, tiles, or even your food. 

Outdoors, look at the shapes in tree bark, rocks, leaves, sand, or even clouds. The key is to look more closely at everything until you start to see them with new patterns and shapes that you can’t see without your camera. 

Building angular cladding - photography for kids

Abstract Photographers to Follow (and Copy!) 

Photography lessons for kids will teach you to become a great abstract photographer! But it’s up to you to practice taking photographs, so find some abstract photographers you really like and copy their style! Here are some well-known ones: 

Or, you can search for #abstractphotography on Instagram and find new, exciting photographers on your own! Search for abstract pictures you really like and see if you can copy them. It’s fun and creative! 

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