Beginner’s Online Photography Courses for Kids

Looking to help your child develop a passion for photography? Our online kid’s photography course is ideal for beginners looking to learn the basics or budding sharp shooters on a mission to master their art.

Over 3000 students have successfully completed our online courses since 2018

Course Key Points:

  • Lifetime Access
  • 8 Photography Tuition Lesson Modules – Video and download Booklet lessons
  • Lots of extra resources & ‘How to’.
  • Fun interactive assignments and games in each module
  • Interactive quizzes following each module
  • Final certification on completion of course.
  • Closed Facebook discussion group
  • Email Support

Course detail

Online Kids Photography Classes for Beginners

What it’s about?

Aimed at 7-11 year olds, our fun and interactive online kids photography classes for beginners is jam-packed with creative inspiration and tips and tricks to help them develop confidence and creativity.

The best bit

We’re passionate about creating a friendly online community of sharp shooters where kids can upload their shots, get feedback, take part in challenges and be inspired by one another. You never know, they might even make new friends!

Who’s in charge?

Taught by professional photographer and BBC television guest presenter, Lillie Spibey, Sharp shooters will learn about the technical side of photography as well as creative composition to give them the knowledge and confidence to take amazing photos.

What to expect

The Sharp Shots Photography Club runs every week during the school year, so we’ve done our research and put together tried and tested material that we know kids enjoy for our kid’s photography classes online for beginners. Designed with this age group in mind, it runs over 8 weeks covering a module a week and using a mix of fun educational videos and exercises exploring technique and style. Students are encouraged to learn at their own pace in their own surroundings through fun and educational activities that inspire creativity. We even use previous students’ work so that our new recruits know it’s achievable for them.

About Sharp Shots

Sharp Shots has been teaching photography workshops for kids and teens for the past 6 years. Our children’s photography courses and after school photography clubs run throughout the year in England. Our team is an experienced group of friendly teachers and professional photographers who are DBS certificated and passionate about sharing their photographic knowledge with young people.

As well as running photography workshops for children and photography courses for teens at diverse locations in England, they also provide popular kids photography birthday parties too. Our online photography courses for kids have been carefully designed by professional photography teachers using years of experience with tried and tested material.


  • Aimed at 7-11 year old kids
  • Those that are new to photography or looking to build on existing knowledge
  • Creative kids
  • Those looking to develop a hobby or build a portfolio


  • How a camera works – the basics
  • How to compose a great photo
  • Building camera confidence
  • Cameras settings
  • Using zoom
  • Using flash
  • Contrast and tones
  • Depth of field
  • Composition techniques
  • Aperture
  • Shutter speed
  • Storytelling
  • Black and White Photography
  • Landscape Photography

Course content detail

  • Welcome video from Lillie
  • Welcome booklet
  • PDF – Transferring Photographs from your camera to your computer
  • PDF – Join our Kids Online Facebook Group!!
  • PDF – How to upload photos to Facebook Group
  • PDF – Which camera do I have?
  • PDF – Links to camera manuals
  • PDF – Glossary
  • Text – dSLR extras
  • LESSON BOOKLET – downloadable
  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

We’ll explore how your camera takes a picture, from aperture to shutter speed and learn about basic camera controls and different scene settings.

  • LESSON BOOKLET – downloadable
  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

The art of composition; we’ll discuss how photographing lines can create simple and striking photographs, and explain which camera settings to use and how best to photograph them.

  • LESSON BOOKLET – downloadable
  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

 This week explores aperture, composition and the use of flash in macro photography

  • LESSON BOOKLET – downloadable
  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

A favourite with everyone! We’ll be photographing creepy crawlies, and will teach how to use the macro setting (close up), how to make them look super-size and how to use flash effectively.

  • LESSON BOOKLET – downloadable
  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

How to tell an engaging story through your photos. We’ll look at some great examples and explore how to plan, execute and present your story to your audience.

  • LESSON BOOKLET – downloadable
  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

We’ll discuss light and tone, learn about camera settings and share tips on how to take great black and white photographs with some inspiration from past students.

  • LESSON BOOKLET – downloadable
  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

A fun session exploring how to experiment with shutter speed to create blurry shots. We’ll provide lots of tips and tricks on how to get perfect the blurry shot.

  • LESSON BOOKLET – downloadable
  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

Using aperture to capture stunning landscapes, includes playing with light and creating interesting compositions to capture some really creative landscape images.

  • Thank You Video
  • Your course Summary
  • Congratulations and Next Steps
  • Before you go..


Absolutely not, we welcome all camera models and types. We use Nikon & Canon DSLR cameras on the course itself, but provide links to all camera manuals in the course material.

The course has 8 fun, inspirational learning modules that can be completed in as little as 3 weeks or as long as 8 weeks. You can decide how quickly and slowly you’d like to move through the material.

We have created a closed facebook group open to our online teen photography course members. We encourage our students to post their photos so we can offer feedback on their images to help them progress with their image taking.

There is a video, course information packet, quiz and print out booklet for every course module. Our course is packed with photography tips and tricks!

Hurrah, well done! You will receive a certificate of completion and will have a wonderful portfolio of work to show off to friends and family. Parents – you will also now have a great photographer in the family to record your family holidays and birthdays!

Moving on from our beginners course which focuses on auto and scene settings, our intermediate online photography course for teens explores semi manual modes such as aperture priority, shutter priority and program mode. Students can expect to improve camera control, boost confidence both creatively and technically, explore different types of photography and begin to establish their own unique style of work.

The Intermediate online photography course is aimed at young people with some experience of photography, so the beginners course is a great foundation if you feel you are quite new to the skill. It is not a requirement, but definitely a great place to start.

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