Smartphone Photography Course

Unlock amazing smartphone camera features with our No.1 smartphone photography course online. By the end of the course you’ll be super confident with advanced composition using new photography & editing skills that will make your photos stand out from crowd. Use your smart phone to open up your full creative potential.

Over 3000 young photographers have taken our award-winning online courses.

Course Key Points:

  • Lifetime Access
  • 5 Photography course lesson modules – video & downloadable worksheets
  • Tips and tricks to make your social media photos stand out!
  • Fun interactive games and tasks for each module.
  • Loads of extra resources & ‘how to’
  • Interactive activities
  • Quizzes following each module
  • Final certification on completion of course
  • Closed Facebook discussion group
  • Email support

Course detail

Mastering the art of Smartphone Photography

These days, the cameras on our Smartphones are often equal and in some cases superior to traditional digital cameras and contain lots of fantastic features for capturing and editing stunning shots.

Our Smartphone Photography Course is designed to help you compose and capture high quality photographs and to enhance and edit them – all from your phone, in the comfort of your own home. Students can work at their own pace through our incredibly popular online photography courses, during which they will learn how to use the different camera features on their smartphones in order to create the perfect shot.

Learn From Professionals

Our Phone Photography course online is led by professional photographer and Sharp Shots Online founder, Lillian Spibey. Highly experienced in teaching teens and young people, Lillian provides patient, expert and fun classes teaching Smartphone photography.

What to expect:

  • Proficiency in using a Smartphone camera
  • A step by step guide to using Smartphone camera features
  • Master Smartphone shot composure
  • Tips and tricks on editing and enhancing Smartphone photographs
  • Make your social media account standout with
  • show stopping photos
  • Smartphone Photography lesson plans



  • Creative individuals
  • Those that are new to smartphone photography or looking to build on existing knowledge
  • A great starting block to progress to a DSLR photography and qualifications
  • Those looking to develop a hobby or build a portfolio
  • Raising the level of family/vacation photography
  • Those who want to move well beyond the selfie!
  • For those wanting to build out a photography portfolio quickly and easily


  • How a smartphone camera works – the basics
  • How to compose a great photo
  • Smartphone camera settings
  • Move off auto
  • Using zoom
  • Using flash
  • Contrast and tones
  • Depth of field
  • Composition techniques
  • Aperture
  • Shutter speed
  • Storytelling
  • Black & white photography
  • Building camera confidence

Phone Photography Course content detail

  • PDF – How to join closed
  • Facebook Group
  • PDF – How to upload your photos to our Facebook Group
  • DOC – Share your Images!
  • LESSON BOOKLET – downloadable
  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ
  • WORKSHEET – downloadable & printable

In this lesson you will learn how your camera takes a photograph through focus, aperture and shutter. The basic camera controls and an overview of the different  pre-programmed scene settings.

  • LESSON BOOKLET – downloadable
  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ
  • WORKSHEET – downloadable & printable

Here, we explore Composition, how to use it on auto and how to select which area of the photo to focus on. We assess manual focus, its importance and how to take creative out of focus images. Lens zoom is explored, how to use it and get the most out from it.

  • LESSON BOOKLET – downloadable
  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ
  • WORKSHEET – downloadable & printable

Flower setting uses aperture in the camera’s lens to blur the background. This week explores aperture, composition and the use of flash in macro photography

  • LESSON BOOKLET – downloadable
  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ
  • WORKSHEET – downloadable & printable

This lesson further explores aperture, this time in landscape photography. We talk about different compositional elements like the rule of thirds, and we teach the students about light and how to use it in landscapes

  • LESSON BOOKLET – downloadable
  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ
  • WORKSHEET – downloadable & printable

In this lesson we will be moving fast! covering shutter speed, burst mode and other great ways to compose great action shots

  • VIDEO: Awesome Job!
  • PDF: Summary of your course – downloadable

Congratulations & next steps
Before you go…


Absolutely not, we welcome all smartphone models and types. We use an i Phone on the course itself, but the course material is created with all smartphones in mind.

The course has 5 fun, inspirational learning modules that can be completed in as little as 2 weeks or as long as 5 weeks. You can decide how quickly and slowly you’d like to move through the material.

We have created a closed Facebook group open to our online phone photography course members. We encourage our students to post their photos so we can offer feedback on their images to help them progress with their image taking.

There is a video, course information packet, quiz and print out booklet for every course module. Our course is packed with photography tips and tricks!

Hurrah, well done! You will receive a certificate of completion and will have a wonderful portfolio of work to show off to friends and family. Parents – you will also now have a great photographer in the family to record your family vacation and birthdays!

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