Did you ever think that online photography for kids could be a new way to show gratitude this Thanksgiving? Here are our tips for making memories that you’ll be grateful for in years to come! 

No teen beginners photography course would be complete without covering one of the most enjoyable events of the year—Thanksgiving! Not only is it the perfect time to be thankful that we have the ability to capture moments of beauty in our photos, but it’s also a fun-filled day that’s the ideal opportunity to put our photography skills into practice! 

Photographing Thanksgiving Events

Event photography can be tricky, because there’s so many different things to think about. But Thanksgiving is the perfect way to start getting a feel for taking photos at events—it’s usually held at home, with people you’re comfortable around, and it’s a day filled with joy and gratitude. 

So let’s take a look at the various aspects you should focus on if you’re taking Thanksgiving photos this year! We’ll zone in on three different areas: food, decor, and people. 


Let’s be honest. Food is a huge part of Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving dinner is part of the tradition, and it’s an excellent chance to practice your food photography. Some cameras have a food setting, which is perfect for this kind of occasion. 

There are multiple ways you can capture your Thanksgiving meal. One, close-up food photography can make for amazing photos! Take a look at some of the pics below to get some ideas: 

Turkey Teen Beginners Photography Course
Thanksgiving vegetables online photography for kids
thanksgiving photography

The key here is to get creative! Rather than just taking pics of each individual dish, set some photos up so you get exactly what you want. Your family will just have to wait for you to get the perfect photo before they sink their teeth into that slice of pie! 

Because these are still life photos, you can play around with your settings, depending on the lighting in the space. If it’s dimly-lit, you can lower your shutter speed to let more light in—1/15 to 1/4 is great for candlelight—and steady the camera on a table or tripod. 

On the other hand, if it’s well-lit, you can use a shutter speed of 1/125 or more. Take a few photos and make sure they’re not too dark or too light before you continue, and take care to monitor your settings as the light changes throughout the day or evening! 

The other option, which you should also try, is to try to catch an overall shot of the meal, with all the dishes in view. Like the photo below: 

online photography for kids

This kind of picture showcases the delicious spread, but also includes the social aspect of Thanksgiving. If it’s just a few of you, that’s also okay. This kind of shot reminds us of what we have to be grateful for! 


The other aspect of Thanksgiving is the people. We share this occasion with those we love and who we’re grateful for! So of course, they make great photo subjects too. 

Don’t miss the chance to get a few group portraits. You can use the camera’s self-timer for this purpose, but you’ll need somewhere to perch it that’s steady and stable. And at eye-level so you get everyone in! 

Try using Aperture priority mode—A or Av on your camera settings dial. This allows you to choose the right f/number for your photo, and will automatically choose a shutter speed for you F/11 is a good number to stick to. Remember, you can also use your camera’s flash if necessary! 

Remember, posed portraits are not the only way to capture the people around you. They’re part of the whole event, so capturing “action pics” is also a great idea! 

online photography for kids
online photography for kids
teen beginners photography course


And of course, there’s likely to be some Thanksgiving-themed decor as well. Don’t forget to get some pictures of the decor to look back on and remember the whole occasion. 

The table setting and decorations can provide endless opportunities for interesting photos! You can take wider photos that include the whole scene, and then zoom in and take some closer-up ones of specific elements of the décor. 

online photography for kids
online photography for kids
online photography for kids

Make sure you aren’t using the flash if you’re trying to take beautiful pictures of the lights or candlelight. Flash makes everything too white and bright, which will ruin the soft, candlelit effect. 

Look for unique angles or sights here too. A teen beginners photography course or online photography for kids should teach you to view things from a different perspective, so get your creative hat on and find new ways to look at things! 

Check out the photos below for some inspiration. 

online photography for kids
online photography for kids
Teen Beginners Photography Course

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Online photography for kids is the best way to start! We cover far more than just Thanksgiving, and you (or your kids) can learn from the comfort of your own home. Learning a skill like photography from a young age gets those creative juices flowing! 

Once you see the world through a camera lens, you’ll always be able to find beauty in your surroundings. What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than to be grateful for the beauty around you every time you pick up your camera? 

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