Online photography for teenagers isn’t all about bright colour! Once you’ve mastered black and white photography, you’ll see things in a completely different way. 

Winter is coming. Fall photography is filled with stunning colours and photo opportunities, but winter weather might seem a little boring and disappointing! 

Wondering how to spice up the winter months? Learn to shoot in black and white. It’s an underrated form of photography that can show stunning detail, so it’s well worth a try! Here’s everything you need to know to start taking on this new and exciting challenge. 

How to Shoot In Black and White 

Teen photography courses don’t always teach black and white photography, but it’s a wonderful skill to learn! It’s not always as simple as pointing and shooting when you’re taking black and white photos. Instead, it’s all about the lighting and the shadows, the contrast and the detail

The easiest way to start is to set your camera to BW mode, if you have one. If not, we recommend using Aperture Priority mode (Av) and changing the picture style/setting in the menu to black and white. You might see B&W settings called “monochrome” on some cameras! 

To create a contrast you’re happy with—bright but not washed-out whites, and strong but still detailed blacks—use the flash (even if it seems unnecessary) or play around with the +/- settings on the exposure meter. 

Once you’ve got those settings down, it’s time for the really fun part—getting out there and snapping some amazing black and white pictures! 

What Can You Shoot In Black and White? 

Almost anything! But some things are better suited for black and white photography than others. When you shoot in B&W, it highlights more detail than you might notice in color photos. So you can get quite creative! 

When shooting in black and white, look for opportunities to take photos of: 

  • Textures 
  • Shapes 
  • Lines & corners 
  • Contrasts 

You can find these in almost any type of photography. But here are some things you might like to try specifically, because they make for beautiful black and white masterpieces! 


Cold weather, in particular. Usually, when the lighting is a bit bleak, black and white shades can capture the feeling of the day quite well. 

Clouds make particularly excellent B&W subjects. Whether they’re wispy and mist-like or chunky and threatening to storm, black and white shows up every beautiful detail. The contrast also makes for amazing rain and snow photos! 


Portraits can also be stunning in black and white. It gives the photos a nostalgic, moody feeling and amplifies facial expressions. These pics also show striking detail if done right… Proper contrast can make freckles, eyelashes, irises, and lips stand out beautifully. 

To really make your B&W portraits pop, try taking them on a plain black or white background. This will give you a great contrast for your subject to stand out against! 


Lines and angles can make for amazing photos! And when you take pictures of beautiful architecture in black and white, there’s no distracting color—just striking patterns. It can be extremely eye-catching, especially if you manage to catch some reflections as well! 

It’s best to take photos of reflective buildings in cloudy weather when it’s not overly bright. Otherwise, you may end up with quite a glare off the building, which could overexpose your picture and make it way too bright.


Nature is always a joy to photograph, but don’t think that removing color from the equation makes it less beautiful! Black and white nature photos showcase the detail in nature, whether you’re taking a landscape photo or a close-up of a flower. 

Unlike architecture or winter weather, photographing nature during bright sunlight can give you the best results. This creates clean light, but it also makes for dramatic shadows, which can be wonderfully contrasting. 

Sunsets can also be great for the lighting. You’ll get strong, bold lighting and long shadows, offering you plenty of chances to get creative! 

Also, don’t be afraid to try close-ups. Whether you’re getting right to the heart of a flower or showcasing the texture on a tree trunk or cave wall, remember that black and white is all about the detail.

Street Photography 

While street photography is usually all about exciting movement and color, it can be just as cool in black and white. Silhouettes are something fun to aim for, and you’d be surprised where you can find them! 

Experiment with unique perspectives, wide angle photos, and close-up details. Street photography is some of the most creative photography you’ll find, so take the opportunity to play around! 
Keep in mind that you might want to switch over to shutter speed priority mode (Tv) at around 1/125 to freeze motion, or less if you want motion blur.

Abstract Items 

Abstract photos are also amazing in black and white. It adds to their mystery! Whenever you spot an interesting-looking pattern or sight, don’t be afraid to turn it into an abstract photo. 

Remember, nobody needs to understand what they’re looking at when they view your photo. It just needs to make them feel something, and abstract photos can create excitement and interest!

Famous Photographers Who Shot in Black & White 

Want some inspiration? Check out some of these superb photographers who are renowned for shooting in black and white. 

Online Photography for Teenagers: Learn to Take Spectacular Black & White Photos 

Online photography for teenagers is a huge field. It’s packed with all kinds of exciting photos, just waiting to be taken… And all that creativity just waiting to be used! 

Plus, learning a skill like photography while you’re young kicks off critical thinking skills, seeing things from a different perspective, and finding beauty everywhere… What’s not to like? 

Join us at our teen photography courses to learn and get practical experience at taking black and white photos… Amongst other kinds of pictures!

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